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    If any of the rules below are broken, the Admins will determine if the person should be removed from the page.

    DISCLAIMERS: THIS IS AN AT YOUR OWN RISK GROUP. As Admins we will do our best to help you rectify any problem that may arise, but we are not liable for the actions of members. For rep checks, you can check the Heroclix Trade Feedback group.

    • Bubble Mailers are STRICTLY PROHIBITED when trading Heroclix figures.

    • This is a Simul-send page, meaning both parties send at the same time unless communicated and agreed by both members via PM, OR unless one of the traders has less than a +5 feedback on the Heroclix Trade Feedback Page.

    • Sellers and Traders are both responsible and accountable if items do not arrive safe and secure. Safe and secure is defined as not broken, unplayable, or arrives damaged in any way. Reparation must be made by either a full refund including any shipping charges or replacement of figure(s).

    • A seller cannot expect buyers to cover PayPal fees. That is the cost of the seller conducting business. Also, a seller can NOT ask for payment to be sent as a gift via Friends and Family. Buyers, if you send using Friends and Family and something goes wrong, your fate is in the hands of the seller at that point. We want to be sure everyone is protected through PayPal and a gift is not covered. Sellers found asking members to pay with Friends and Family will be immediately removed.

    • If you have not received your package within 7 days (30 international) please message an Admin. If your package arrives broken, incomplete, or damaged beyond use, contact an Admin. We will no longer assist people who have not messaged us within 30 days (90 international) of a trade/sale. Be prepared to send us unmodified screenshots of:

    Items in question

    Date items were agreed to be shipped

    Tracking information (if any)

    Physical Address or PayPal email Address

    Pictures of how items were shipped

    • HIE stands with WizKids on members or retailers who break street date. Any purchase or trade of a product that has not been officially released is neither condoned nor supported. In short, we will not assist you with any transactions of merchandise that break the official street date. At our discretion, we may remove or turn off commenting on posts that feature products that are not officially released.

    1. This page is for selling/trading/discussion of anything Heroclix related. If you have something to offer other than Heroclix for trade or looking for something other than Heroclix, please contact an Admin to get approval.

    2. Trolling or Spamming is strictly prohibited and both are at the discretion of the Admin team. Continued of either may result in removal from the page.

    3. For all sales/trades, posted pictures of your haves are required. Must be a picture you took, and not a stock photo. This includes all “feeler” posts. If you can’t post pics, then don’t post. Only sales of Heroclix and Heroclix accessories are allowed. Any sale post that does not include Clix may be deleted. If you want to know how a seller arrived at their price, send them a PM. Comments that ask a seller how they arrived at their price or negotiate in the thread will be deleted.

    4. All trade posts and feeler posts must contain a wants list OR price. Posts that replace a wants list or price with “open to offers” will be deleted without notice.

    5. It must be communicated and agreed upon by the buyer/other trader when the item will be shipped, otherwise, the expectation for sellers and traders to ship will be within 24 hours of the agreed sale/trade. If you fail to meet your shipping timetable, the buyer/other trader may choose to back out of the deal and be fully recompensed.

    All shipped items must have a tracking number

    6. 3rd Party Trading is not allowed. Admins can not guarantee assistance if a trade goes wrong with a person not a member of this page.

    7. Communication is KEY!! Stay in communication with one another. If an issue arises in the process of the transaction, both parties must communicate effectively and promptly.

    8. Bumping your own posts is allowed once every 12 hours.

    9. Only 1 active sales/trade thread. Please delete if sold or traded, or delete your current thread and re-post if needed.

    10. Blocking an Admin will result in removal from the page.

    11. We do not encourage buying pre-released items from anyone, nor the sales of store-only event cases, bricks, or OP kits. You do so at your own risk.

    12. Raffles are not allowed due to legality issues in certain states.

    13. Grab Bags are allowed by meeting the following requirements:

    Admin approval

    Feedback of 60+

    No negative feedback (ship late, bad communication, etc..)

    14 Days maximum (may end early)

    Each Grab Bag MUST have an equivalent value to the purchase price.

    Grab Bags will not exceed a count of 50.

    Modern Clix Only.

    Pictures of clix per each box must be submitted (no exceptions) prior to receiving approval.

    14. Posts containing directs links to other sale sites such as eBay, Amazon, etc.. will automatically be deleted.

    15. Requesting free clix or asking for a donation of clix is strictly prohibited.

    16. Questions that do not have the powers quoted will be automatically deleted, with no warning. Please QUOTE THE POWER!!

    17. Admins may request a photo ID to prove a member’s identity at any time.

    18. Posts that mention “auctions” or “auction”-style pages that redirect users to another page are prohibited.

    19. All posts that link back to content, must redirect straight to the source. Posts, where a user redirects to another source to redirect again, will be considered clickbait and will be immediately deleted. This will be at the discretion of the Admins.

    20. Single card trades or purchases MUST be sent using a top loader. Neither an envelope nor a card sleeve will be considered as “secure”. As with all trade/sales posts, a tracking number will be required. If a card is damaged and was sent as “unsecured”, the sender will be responsible for replacement or reparations.

    21. Actions on other pages including poor transactions, trading behaviors, or other negative characteristics may lead to a suspension or removal at the discretion of the Admins. The purpose of this rule is that although a member may not have violated an HIE rule, poor practices on another page, group, forum, or another community, may affect the overall Heroclix community.

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