FAQs – Cerebro & Letsclix social

1: What do I need to use to access Cerebro?

Cerebro is a web app. Which mean just a device that has a browser & connection to the internet.


2: Does it work on iPhone, Andriod, or a desktop?

Yes, yes it does. As long as you have a browser & an internet connection you should be able to use it.


3: Why can’t I log into letsclix?

Letsclix social & Letslcix Cerebro are currently not tied to eachother (this is by design). As I am unsure I want to keep the social part of the website. That said- If it gets traction I will connect them. I mostly want to keep them seperated so if social doesn’t get traction it is a very easy clean up.


4: Please reach out with any suggestion or questions.

On the current road map for Cerebro I will be adding the following:

Additional advanced search features
(There are alot here so easier to say if you can think of it there is a good change it’ll be added.)

Share have / wants list

Dark Mode

Export team to build sheet

& a few backend features for managing data.


5: Lastly how can I donate?

Go to ‘Buy Me Coffee’ at the bottom. That’ll take you to the a donation page- No need to feel obligated. I will pay for cerebro out of pocket.

That said- I can only afford to pay so much for cloud hosting. I curently aim to have zero ads on the page. As it will slow down the website & make it well- Ugly, in my opinion.

So, the day that the servers are hitting limits it may get slower until donations are made to be able to purchase more cloud infatructure.

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