Cerebro is live! (P.S. Also WOW! thank you for checking this out!)

Hello Everyone,

I wanted to just say thank you so much for showing interest in LetsClix. I wasn’t sure & am still not sure if this will be of any use to anyone. My main goal is & has always been to provide, in my opinion, a quality website for HeroClix.

That said thanks for at least checking LetsClix out. I’ll be putting out some content & updates soon.


Current goals:

  1. Start doing unboxing videos (Ideally will be doing that starting with XMRF)
  2. Start Adding units to cerebro as they are revealed
  3. Connect Cerebro & Letsclix social sign ins so you only have 1
  4. Do some kinda cool contest

Again, thank you so much for showing interest this will ultimately keep pushing me to do the best I can. Also free free to reach out if you have ideas or want to help with something.

Important Note: Social Letscclix & Cerebro do not have connected user data at this time. Currently you do need a login for both. This is something that will be changed. I am aware this is annoying / confusing.

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